Hello there! Nice to see you stumbling onto my website.

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Where else you can find me – all as L. E. Morgan unless otherwise stated

I’m on Discord. If you want to join my server (which has everything this website does, and more, as well as chatting) just put your Discord name and number in the Contact section of this website (e.g. Abcde#1234). Also, if you arrive quickly, the first ten people to join my server get a special role with a few perks, so join now! There are only five slots remaining for that special role, and then it will be gone forever! \0.0/

I’m on NaNoWriMo. I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo since 2016, so there’re a few words there. If you’re interested, there’s also some more detail of what I have been writing through the years since, although most of it will never be seeing the light of day again. Yep, 2021 is to be my sixth NaNo!

I’m on fanfiction.net. Under the pseudonym A Talking Cat, I write mostly Narnia fanfiction, also dabbling in Harry Potter, as well as some other fandoms. I’m always eager for brutally honest reviews.

I’m on fictionpress.net. Under the same pseudonym as above, I’ve posted a very little bit of original fiction, mostly set in the Furnace of Hope universe. I’m in the process, as of 6/10/21, of writing a rough outline, in somewhat lyrical snippets, of the rise to power of the Ruler who exists during TKAF. None has yet been posted, but I am hoping to do so sometime during this month.

I’m on AO3. Under the same pseudonym as above (but without the spaces – ATalkingCat) I have posted some – though not all – of my existing fanfiction on ff, as well as some things that aren’t allowed by ff’s rules.

I’m on Wattpad. My username is LEMorgan1, and I’ve posted some poetry and a cover showcase (since I like making covers for people). I’ve also posted some of my fanfiction over there too, and there is the most complete record of where you can find my published works.

I’m on Pinterest. My username is @ForAslanAndForAQuill, and I have rather unsorted visuals and concepts about various matters concerning, in the most part, the Furnace of Hope universe.

(I’m on Narniaweb. My username is Lady Jill the Loyal. I’m not particularly active, but look, I’m there.)

I’m on Facebook, but I haven’t done anything with it, so don’t bother with it.

Last updated 3/6/22. May not be complete. If you think you’ve found me elsewhere that isn’t in this list, contact me so that I can remember to fix it. Or politely inform you that you’re wrong.